Need partial download of deployment

Our site uwalumni (2ff51eee-cdcc-4ab6-92d2-b5d2eac9190e) is extremely large. Deployment download is not working.

I’m hoping someone can provide me with a zip file of just the /public/_gatsby/file/ directory, which should be in the ~50MB range. There are images that get written into this directory in my local but they are 404ing on our builds, and I’m trying to figure out why.

@jamesrotering It’s unlikely someone will dedicate the time to facilitating your request.

If the image files are showing as 404 and you aren’t using any kind of SSR middleware, then you can safely presume that the files aren’t there and that downloading the folder would confirm that.

Can you continue debugging as if you had seen the folder, and it didn’t contain the files?

Thanks. Yeah I kind of came to this conclusion (not that nobody would help with my request, but that I could debug on my own). I figured out running netlify CLI locally. Still haven’t figured out why some image paths are wrong within Gatsby but I have the tools now to go down that troubleshooting path.

Well, there’s a file-browser in the works that’s coming soon in the UI to help with these requests moving forward.

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