Need help understanding example app - new to netlify

I have created the example app, the coffee web site.
I am trying to understand how the config.yml works to produce the site.
Questions I have;
What part ensures that a menu is created (About/Product/Blog/Contact/Form Example

If I wanted to create a page I could serve that did not have the menu, or if I wanted to serve, for example, the Contact page without the menu, but also have it available as a menu item, how would I do that?

I guess I should add I would also want to serve a page without the default footer on it, as well.

You probably shouldn’t use the template for that. It’ll be harder to modify than a CMS in a vanilla hugo install than undoing the one we’ve customized to have all those bits.

I’d start with plain hugo:

and then add the CMS in:

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