Nc-admin, a Hugo Module and starter CMS for your CMS

I made a thing! Thanks to @budparr and @regisphilibert, for building GitHub - theNewDynamic/hugo-module-tnd-netlifycms: A Hugo Module for everything Netlify CMS, I was able to create a CMS for the CMS, that can be added to any Hugo Site with one addition to it’s config file, instructions are at the repo! Please test it out and let me know what you think!


Test Drive at

Thanks for sharing this, @bmackinney :netliconfetti:

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You’re welcome. I’m going to keep improving it - please share, star, and consider contributing on GitHub!

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Hi @bmackinney
I am trying to use your CMS to manage my site:

I followed corresponding github page and imported your module and followed remaining steps but seems like I missing something. Below is a screenshot of my current backend:

My ultimate goal is to be able to control left menu (add/delete entries).

You can hide a collection from the sidebar by adding hide: true to your collection:

Thanks @tomrutgers .
The main issue is that I am not able to locate my collections path exactly.
I tried with several files with no luck.

Could you elaborate? I’m not sure I understand the issue

I am struggling to locate the collections file path in my directory:

I have experimented with many files but none of them was reflected in the CMS.

I don’t think you have the admin setup quite right. Follow this guide:

Sorry I missed this. Looking at the repo, it looks like you might’ve given up. If you want to give it another try let me know.

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