A new Hugo + Netlify CMS starter is out!

Hi there,

Netlify CMS is a wonderful piece of code, and provides a free and open-source CMS for Hugo. A precious tool to make Hugo widely accessible and easy to use.

Unfortunately, the templates proposed by Netlify are not maintained anymore, and frightening Github Security Alerts are received right after the deployment.

That’s why I’m glad to share with you the theme Remix, offering the following features:


Light theme


Quick links:

I’ve been playing a lot with it the last few days and I love it.
I’ll use it as my new starter, and maintain a public roadmap on Gitlab.
Feel free to join!


this is great! thank you for sharing this~!

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I absolutely love the Remix theme. your work ethic shows through your easy to read code. I appreciate it. it is absolutely amazing. I have to ask how do you change the default language in the Netlify CMS to English?Everyone else at the firm only speaks English. Thank you again so much for creating this for us to use. Starred and forked. I did see in the screenshot of the readme that the CMS is in English.

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Hi @Fulgrim3 ,

I just pushed an update, english is now the default CMS language.

Thanks for your lovely words, that’s much appreciated!

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I have been searching for a solid template to work for our team for months. you guys are the best I am so happy. I can manually edit the colors from the normalize.scss correct? it said I had to create a branch on GitHub to do it.

It looks like an issue with github. Where can we see your code?


@Roneo.org apologies issue in my end for the GitHub .scads error


Glad you got everything working, @Fulgrim3. Thanks for the helpful debugging, @Roneo.org :netlisparkles:

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