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I’m getting a ‘page not found.’ Could it be that my path does not include an index.html file? I’m getting a ‘page not found.’ If it’s because I don’t have an index.html file, how do I take care of that problem?

  • we need to know your netlify site name. Example:
  • DNS issues? Tell us the custom domain, tell us the error message! We can’t help if we don’t know your domain.
  • Build problems? Link or paste the FULL build log & build settings screenshot

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I’m getting a ‘page not found.’ Could it be that my path does not include an index.html file? I’m getting a ‘page not found.’ If it’s because I don’t have an index.html file, how do I take care of that problem?

Hi there,

Did you see this guide yet? This is the best place to start for “Page Not Found” issues.

If you are still seeing issues after following the troubleshooting steps in this guide, please let us know!

site name: relaxed-almeida-ead77b
custom doain:
build log: 6:43:37 PM: Build ready to start

6:43:39 PM: build-image version: d84c79427e8f83c1ba17bcdd7b3fe38059376b68

6:43:39 PM: build-image tag: v3.6.1

6:43:39 PM: buildbot version: 44655717ddf0e7bd7f856f5b1154254de54b1d80

6:43:39 PM: Fetching cached dependencies

6:43:39 PM: Starting to download cache of 3.8KB

6:43:39 PM: Finished downloading cache in 132.441285ms

6:43:39 PM: Starting to extract cache

6:43:39 PM: Finished extracting cache in 8.746031ms

6:43:39 PM: Finished fetching cache in 141.456394ms

6:43:39 PM: Starting to prepare the repo for build

6:43:39 PM: Preparing Git Reference refs/heads/main

6:43:41 PM: No build steps found, continuing to publishing

6:43:41 PM: Starting to deploy site from ‘/’

6:43:41 PM: Creating deploy tree

6:43:41 PM: Creating deploy upload records

6:43:41 PM: 1 new files to upload

6:43:41 PM: 0 new functions to upload

6:43:41 PM: Starting post processing

6:43:41 PM: Post processing - HTML

6:43:41 PM: Post processing - header rules

6:43:41 PM: Finished processing build request in 2.821061834s

6:43:41 PM: Post processing - redirect rules

6:43:41 PM: Post processing done

6:43:42 PM: Site is live :sparkles:

Hi, @natgit. The repo that site is linked to is public and I can see there are only two files in it.


So, yes, if you want to show a webpage at that URL, you will need to create an index.html file first.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

I created an index.html file but am still getting a ‘page not found’ page.

If you are deploying from git, could you link to your repo?

The deploy was not successful which is why the site was not updated:

This happened because you added a build command. The build command fails because you don’t install the required dependencies for that command. Also, your repo appears to contain only prebuilt files and does not require any build command.

I think the issue will be resolved if you delete that command from the build settings (making it blank instead).

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

No web page yet. My Build Settings are now as follows.

Base directory
Not set
Build command
Not set
Publish directory
Deploy log visibility
Logs are public

Hi, @natgit. I see the build command deleted now but there hasn’t been a new deploy since that change was made.

You just need to click the “Trigger deploy” button on this page below:

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, please let us know.

So, with Netlify is internal css a must?

I mean with Netlify, must I place photos only in internal css or is an external file okay?

Hi, @natgit. Netlify doesn’t impose any limitations regarding this. We just serve your static files and we enforce no logic on what those files can contain.

I deployed the file to my domain perfectly fine for a couple of days, but then it stopped working. I don’t know why.

Hi, @natgit. What is the URL which isn’t working?

You can post that information publicly or you can private message (PM) that to one of our support staff. I’ve confirmed that PMs are enabled for your community login. Please keep in mind that only one person can see the PM and this will likely mean a slower reply than posting the information publicly. Please feel free to reply to however you prefer though.

I fixed the problem, thanks, and saw a real website actualized except one problem - the pics did not render. Then I made the problem worse as I added, uploaded and deployed in every imaginable combination. Now nothing new can be uploaded to the site. Any suggestions?

hi there @natgit - sorry it’s been a struggle.

When i pull up your site and review your code, i see this in my browser console:

what i am noticing here is that the filenames for your images are inconsistent between uppercase and lowercase spelling, also there are spaces in the names, things like that.

Not all operating systems render images in the same way - for example, mac and windows typically behave one way, while linux machines interpret images differently (linux is the operating system our servers run on). This may be the cause of the problem.

I suggest you standardize the naming of your images

(all lower case, no spaces, special characters) and try again.

this article will help show you how to do it correctly.

Can you give this a read through and let us know if that fixes the issue?