My website picking up old url from env

my website is picking up old url from env even i updated the environment variables in netlify

Hello @double-slit, If you did a manual deploy, you need to republish your website again from the Netlify Dashboard. It’s also possible you have multiple deploys and you changed the environment variable for a site that is not currently published to production.

Click on the specific site in your dashboard and click on the Deploys tab located at the top left of the dashboard.
In the deploys card you will see your website deploys or a list of website deploys that’s if you have multiple deploys.

In case you have multiple deploys select the specific deployed build that you changed the environment variable for and then click on the Publish deploy button (after the lime green button) to push that specific deploy to production. The changes will be reflected

Hope this helps.

Hey there, @double-slit :wave:

@clarnx, great suggestions. @double-slit, if you are still having difficulties after following @clarnx’s suggestions, please share more details such as:

  1. Your old URL
  2. The URL you intend to be using
  3. What steps you have tried to fix this
  4. Your build settings
  5. What you updated in your environment variables
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