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My Use/Case, is it possible with Netlify CMS?


I’ve been attempting to get Netlify CMS working (with Hugo) on & off for quite awhile. I have a remote dedicated server I want to host my static websites on, I just want to develop locally and then I’ll push the content to my remote server. The WYSIWYG/CMS functionality is all I’m after.

GitHub and the like are an unnecessary hop in my situation, but it seems I can’t use Netlify CMS without pushing my content to one of them. I thought setting up with git-gateway and the local_backend: true options would all me to login to Netlify CMS while still developing locally, but it’s pushing my content changes to the github account even though I am developing locally at http:localhost:1313/admin/#.

Is it possible to just use the CMS locally and keep all changes on my local machine? I have a local NAS server I could also use for development, if I have to install an OAUTH system or something to login locally.

Figured it out. I spent so long trying to get the verification step to work (first I was trying from my remote, dedicated server, then my local NAS, finally my PC) for local_backend that I neglected the important step of issuing the npx netlify-cms-proxy-server command prior to launching Hugo’s testing server.

Windows users with spaces in their username might encounter the same error I had when I tried the NPX command:
Error: EEXIST: file already exists, mkdir 'C:\Users\John'
The fix for me was to set the cache location to my user shortname, here’s a page that might help:
The npmrc file located at:
should link to you user shortname now, ie:

Another tip is to open two command prompts, in the first one issue your npx netlify-cms-proxy-server command, and then start your Hugo server in the other hugo -D server. Can’t do both from the same prompt. That’s what worked for me, all good now.