My site won't updated with GitHub commits

I have updated some new content to my website, I served my site in R studio, and everything works, but netlify doesn’t not update those new content.

my github repo

Here is the screenshot of R studio served site.

Hi @CongWang

I suggest it is to do with the date. In the Introduction of Python markdown file, the date is 2022-09-25, which quite probably hasn’t come around on the Netlify build machines yet.

In order to overcome this, you could change the date in the file, or use the --buildFuture option

yes, it is the reason, now it is updated, thanks

Hi @coelmay ,

I encountered the same issue.

Between June 24 and June 27, Netlify did not retrieve the content I pushed to my blog repository, so my website did not have updates for those days.

Here’s what I did:

I modified the build command in the netlify.toml file to:

command = 'hugo --gc --minify --buildFuture && npm install atomic-algolia --save-dev && npm run algolia'

on netfily it’s deployed successful, but the website did not update.

Any information will be helpful。 thx

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