My domain has conflicting custom domain in another account

Hi Guys, I’m trying to configure our subdomain ( to the Netlify DNS, but another account has already apparently added the domain. We’ve checked in the org and nobody has found it in their account, so we would like it released manually if possible.

The error that i am seeing is this:

name has a conflicting custom domain in another account

I already add the DNS TXT record verified-for-netlify in my main domain with the link to this post.


Welcome to the community! Thanks so much for reaching. Can you please check out this support guide again?

This is what I see when I try to identify your txt record.

% host -t txt 
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Hi @SamO,

Sorry for that, is already working for and for

host -t txt descriptive text ""
host -t txt descriptive text ""

sounds good thanks for confirming!

Hi @SamO,

what is the next step? I still can’t add the domain to my Netlify account.

Try again please. I’ve removed the dns zone from your domain :