My domain already manage by another team

I am running into the issue specified in the title when attempting to use a custom domain to a netlify project.
The netlify project url is and I am trying to use my custom domain
The DNS issues message is the one described in the title.

I am following the support guide I found here and I will be adding the TXT records on the domain once I have the url of this post.

Thank you so much in advance

Is the name of the domain? If so, I don’t see that being used on Netlify.

yes is the name of the domain. i was change nameserver to netlify. please remove my domain on another account. thank you

@hrishikesh has already stated that no account is currently using the domain

It appears you have not done this yet.

$ host -t txt
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Hi @kimbut,

I was able to verify the TXT Record. You should be able to add the domain at this time.