Mutilingual Website URLS

I’m not sure whether this is the right place to post this (that’s obviously not the best way to start a support/help post - sorry)

I have a website which is in English.
I also have a website which is in French.

Right now I have 1 repo and 2 branches (master-fr, master-uk) these deploy to 2 different netlify repos, each set up with their own custom URL.

I’m finding it really inefficient working this way, having to modify 2 branches for new features, and the client wants 10+ languages in the future.

So I’m wondering if anyone has done similar before? It’s easy for me to create something like and but I’m wondering if there is a good way to utilise environment variables and custom domains to make this more efficient, where i deploy new features to master, it uses environment variables to pull the correct language content from my CMS and deploys to the correct domain.

I have a feeling there is also something I can do here is DNS/Cname where is actually behind the scenes.

hi there, could you do something with subdomains, perhaps?


for example? subdomains are pretty easy to set up on netlify - you need a branch with the exact name of the subdomain and you are pretty much set. We can also extend the SSL cert for your apex domain if you need it as long as the apex is being managed by Netlify DNS.

unfortunately the only stipulation is we keep the current domains.

hmm. I’m not sure i have any other ideas, but i will leave this post open so others can chime in!