Multiple languages, 2 different domains, 2 deploys?

So this is quite a unique issue and wondered if anyone could think of a good way of going about this. So we have a multilingual site in English, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. Our Danish website is on a different domain name where as the other 3 all live under one website followed by /nb or /sv. I’m currently rebuilding the sites to be static with Nuxt. So my question is, what’s the best way of going about this. Do we have Nuxt build two different apps that live on separate Netlify builds, but I believe a git repo can’t belong to more than one Netlify build? Any information or thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


I think, the best way is to leave it in sub-folders like you have it right now. Most websites have it that way. An alternative would be to choose the sub-domain route. This might be better if the content is different on each of those websites and the best part is that, if you update one of the languages, all of them don’t have to be re-built. This might save you some build minutes. You can achieve this by creating a base repo and adding multiple branches to it for each domain and utilise Branch Deploy feature. If all of the languages are going to be built together, the former method of using sub-folders is the better option according to me.

About using separate websites altogether, I don’t think that’s a very good idea according to convenience. If you end up adding Forms, or Identity, or Analytics, you’d have to purchase the add-on for each of the websites then.

Hey, Thanks for the response. Sorry maybe I wasn’t clear enough (it is a bit of a weird sturcture). The structure HAS to be:

  • English, Swedish, Norwegian under one domain name. followed by locale so for example.
  • Danish website under another domain name
    This is simply for brand purposes and is currently out of my control from a business decision perspective. The only difference between all the websites is that the content is in their own specific language and the Danish site has its own logo. So this is all being constructed through a Nuxt build. I appreciate the thought about seperate add ons though as that might give me some ammo to try and move the Danish site to under one build, (obviously remove a lot of complexity too).

You can still keep it all in one website and attach both the .com as well as .dk domain to the same website. Then, the rest of the ideas from the previous answer might still stay valid

When you’ll add both domains to your website, the one that you set as primary will be the one other domains will redirect to. So if you set .dk as primary, .com will redirect to it. Thus, you’ll have to add additional redirect rules to redirect traffic based on language preferences.

Hope this helps.