Moving simple nodejs simple

Hi there,
I’m moving a simple nodejs app from another Paas.
I linked and synched it to the repo.
The only thing I have to do is to run npm run start (basically a “node main.js”).
I did by accident in the build command and my app works as expected but after a while it’s forced down because of the max building time, of course.
I reported it just to clarify the the code is working.
Now the newbie question is: how am I supposed to properly run/deploy this app on netlify?
If I do not specify any command in the build I get no errors but nothing is deployed nor running.
Apologies for the naive question, I am pretty new to this platform.


@ArMyBoT Netlify isn’t a direct replacement for Heroku, as there’s no long running server hosting.

The CI build is intended to execute and produce an output consisting of static files to be deployed to the CDN and Serverless Functions which are ultimately AWS Lambda’s.

It’s not for use to start an Express server and if you do, you’ll find as you have that you can’t connect to it and nothing is deployed.

Without re-engineering you would look for another hosting provider, like Render or Google Cloud Run.