First deploy, cant figure out how to config

I am trying to do my first deploy but can’t figure out how to deploy my project.

I have an nodeJS server and a React-app in the following structure:
Frontend: ReactApp
Backend: ReactApp/backend

I can build and run locally by typing:
“npm run build && cp -r build/ backend/ && cd backend && npm run dev”

I have netlify to my git-repo but how should I configure to be able to run ?

Hiya @burton666 and welcome to our community!

That build command will run a server, which our hosting does not permit. It looks like this is “intended to be” a dynamic project - from a directory called “backend” - so maybe not suitable for our hosting.

Check out our hosting philosophy here:

If you can instead build your site into some static html/css/js without leaving a server running, so we can serve just those static files, then you’ll probably have a different command - something like “npm run build” and maybe the copies but not “running” a server - then we should be able to host that part of your site!