Moving out of Netlify, DNS randomly still takes users to empty Netlify app?

Hi! I need help with an issue we’ve been having for weeks now.

We used to have a Netlify app which was our landing page, and we use AWS Route 53 to manage our DNS settings.

About a month ago, we built a new web using Webflow, and therefore we changed our DNS A and CNAME records to point to Webflow. After some days of waiting for everything to settle, we though we were good to go, but we’ve found out that people is still some times hitting the now empty Netlify app, instead of the webflow server.

Please note that we made this changes about a month ago, and that nothing in our Route 53 config is pointing to Netlify anymore.

Any ideas what can be going on?

Hi, @neo2016. We need to know the domain name you are asking about to troubleshoot. Would you please share that detail?

Sure thing, the domain is! Thanks

I’m not able to reproduce this issue, but at the same time, I can’t think of a way Netlify could be causing an issue. Your setup:

  1. DNS is hosted on AWS
  2. Site is hosted on Webflow

The only part where Netlify comes into equation is that, over a month ago, you used to host your site here. However, you don’t anymore.

This is likely a case of DNS propagation (though it sounds unlikely that even after a month that would be an issue), or it’s worth contacting the two parties that are in the equation right now: AWS and Webflow.