Minor visual bug on netlify.com/pricing

Hi Netlify team,

I wanted to report a minor bug in the animation on Netlify Pricing and Plans where the animation in the logos-ticker div has the logos overlap each other.


Hey @philipkiely Welcome to Netlify Community!

People like you help make Netlify a great place I’m sure a support engineer will pass it on to whoever is on frontend :grinning:


Hey @philipkiely,
Thanks so much for this report! Can you share your browser and OS please? I’m not seeing this on latest Chrome or Firefox, can’t tell if it was fixed or never impacted those in the first place. Thanks again.

It was Safari on MacOS, and appears to be fixed!

hey @kylesloper ! just to clarify - that is the process to report bugs for build plugins only :slight_smile:

haha sorry about that didn’t see that sub-category.