Migrating WordPress

After watching the webinar on how to use Gatsby to connect WordPress to Netlify to have the WordPress back end with the Netlify static site speed on the front end, I just about gave up because it seemed way too much work, and very fiddly.

How to Migrate WordPress Sites to Jamstack: Tutorial + Video Guide - https://www.netlify.com/blog/2020/03/23/migrate-your-wordpress-site-to-the-jamstack/

Now there is Frontity.

It seems to be a tailored solution for used a WordPress on the back end to generate some kind of JAMStack site.

Even I was able to set it up and get sites working, although I had to use a different platform because I couldn’t figure out how to get Netlify to do the build as needed. (It’s possible that Netlify would not deliver a Frontity website even if the build did go properly because there is no index file, just a server.js function file.)

As anyone who has experimented with Jekyll or Gatsby or WP2Static or SimplyStatic or Shifter etc. etc. etc. knows, even if you manage to get your WordPress site to appear in some form of JAMStack version, you then have to figure out how to set up site search.

Not with Frontity. If your theme supports the search function, you actually use the built-in WordPress search function. It’s truly amazing.

I’m hoping that Netlify will create an easy interface between Frontity and Netlify. I can see this as being a huge step forward for serving WordPress sites.

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Hi, @gregraven, I think the server.js file is intended to do server-side rendering (SSR). There is no node application server running at Netlify (after the build) which is why this code doesn’t run.

All this aside, it is almost certainly possible to run server.js as a Function.

Now if you ask me the details of exactly what to do to make that happen, that is a question which I don’t have the answer to. I can point the way to some prior art which may help though:

Here is a demo site which does Express SSR using Functions. This example might help you (or other interested people) to do something similar with Frontity.

Again, I might not have all the answers if there are any questions about this. However, if I don’t, I’ll do my best to find them.

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Interesting. Frontity mentions Netlify by name as a hosting option. I’m going to follow up with them to see if they can shed some light on what they mean.


Have you tried this plugin for wordpress?

@alenguav I’m trying it now. Created a new site in Netlify, created a new build hook, pasted the build hook URL into the plugin and hit save, and got nothing. What makes it go? We like things that make us go.

I would also like to move my site https://www.kapper-obzor.ru/ to Netlify