Microsoft Build, Google IO..?

Do you watch the keynotes or other content from the big tech conferences?? Why/Why not?

Last year, the Microsoft Build keynote was 3 hours long - and my friend Allison lead the yoga stretch break in the middle…

Yea I remember hearing about how long it was last year. I didn’t watch, but I read this awesome news:

I enjoy the offerings from the Sans Institute:, including their webcasts & podcasts. Also, the related Internet Storm Center podcast is great. Highly recommended their offerings.

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I guess it might be interesting to mention where we all get our tech news? I have friends who write for techcrunch, so always partial to that, but i also like to read The Register not just fot the snarky tone :slight_smile:

1 Like Indeed. Lol. A great combination of intellegently delivered information with a humor that just isn’t possible to find in the U.S. I always find it intriguing how news sources outside of the United States, at least those I’ve encountered, are so much more worthy of my time, and even they aren’t as open and “non-dumbed down” as they could be. I try to read information from U.S. based outlets but I always wind up regretting doing so. So, beyond Sans, if I happen upon anything interesting, I’ll read it. I also enjoy reading Linux Kernel Mailing List Archives. (only sort of kidding) I actually do like the Mozilla Developer Network. It’s a continually evolving, community-driven source of information.

Tuesday @ (14:30:00 UTC) free webcast

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How did I forget about Wired? While not a straight tech mag, it’s offerings are generally top-notch. I just came across this -

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I do sometimes stop by dailydot or hackernews, also!

These days I get so much of it from twitter and reddit. but I listen to like 50 podcasts, which is where I get a ton the context from.

what are some of the podcasts you listen to, G? I think @swyx probably also has great recommendations too!

Almost never, if I can possibly avoid it. Why spend an hour watching and listening to get the same amount of information you could get in ten minutes of reading?

Conferences can be good to go to because face-to-face conversation and networking are both very useful. But you don’t get any of that from a keynote video.