Meet The Community: David Darnes

Hey :wave:,
I’m Dave, I work at Simpleweb as a Front-end Developer. Love to design, develop, write and experiment.

My day job consists of working with early stage Startups to get them on their feet, whether thats in the form of product focused workshops, getting my hands dirty with React Native code or anything in between. My work is very varied and I’m grateful for it.

In my spare time I spend time with my wife by trying new food and binging YouTube (other video platforms in some cases).

I’ve got a lot of love for the JAMStack, which all started with building sites and creating themes for Jekyll. It’s been growing since then, trying out other static site generators and putting my own projects on Netlify. That’s why I’m here, to pursue that interest more. Drop me a line in here if you want to chat, or on Twitter where I often lurk.

Bye for now!