Map subdomain to specific URL

CNAME records point domains to other domains. But is there a way to point a subdomain to a specific, full URL, like

Not sure if it can do that, but, you can use a index.html file with the content:

    <meta http-equiv = "refresh" content= "0; url = target/"/>

@poweredbylinux You should be able to do this with a line in your _redirect file.

I don’t want to redirect anything. I want to map a subdomain to a specific file.

Yes we understood what you want, but, that’s the only way possible sadly.

You mean redirecting is the only way?
Also, @hrishikesh, is the code from your answer supposed to redirect to the target URL or show the content from the given URL?

Yes, you can’t use DNS to map to a file as far as I know.

The code I mentioned is a simple HTML redirect. It will redirect as soon as the HTML file loads. And it’s a proper redirect, not just showing contents from the URL. Read more here:

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Hmm. Thanks for the help.