Managing domains for a micro-service setup

Hi all,

My company is looking to move away from our Shopify site and migrate to a more headless architecture and the plan would be to have multiple projects hosted on Netlify that will be serving different purposes.

For example, we would have a NextJS site for our blog and generic content pages pulling data from a Headless CMS etc and another NextJS site for our storefront pages such as Product page and Collection pages using Shopify hydrogen.

We are now wondering how do we setup the domain redirects to decide which project to send the visitor too when they visit our site?

To note, this will be a incremental process where we would like to send visitors to our new content site first depending on the URL requested such as ‘’ etc and all other traffic to other URLs such as ‘’ would be sent to our current Shopify site until our storefront project was ready and then we would to send people to the Netlify hosted project instead of the Shopify hosted site.

We do have Cloudflare setup for our domain and we was thinking that we could possibly use that to determine where the visitor ends up based on the request URL but we are after some more advice and guidance on how to manage this kind of set up.


Hey there, @thomasbritton :wave:

Thanks for reaching out. The first starting point for this will be our Docs. Have you read through our redirects section?

If this doesn’t assist, can you respond with full domains (rather than, etc.) you plan on using so we can better suggest solutions? thanks!