Making a subdirectory

Hey, I’m trying to add a button on the corner of my page (Lewwwww!)
which redirects me to
but whenever I do the /games/ page always pops up empty, scoured the internet for solutions and such, but had no luck with it

If anyone could give me a hand with it would be much appreciated

An index.html file needs to exist in the games directory (and any directory) just as for the site root (the root directory.)

As long as games exists inside the directory you are deploying it will also get deployed.

If you are still having issues, please share the repository you are deploying from.

Hey so I’ve got an Index.html file inside the folder given to games, but it still gives me a Page Not Found error.

Here’s the repo: Files · main · Nikk / LewGatos · GitLab

If the publish directory is set to main, then games needs to go inside main.

As in the main folder?

Yes, inside the main directory.

So, I’ve set the games folder inside the games folder and deployed, yet the site still stays as “Page Not Found”

Because directory is called game, not games.

Oh damn, my bad haha!
Anyways, seems that wasnt the only reason though, sadly