Make netlify forms submissions show on a page on your site

Hi, I have a form set up that works great! I was wondering if I can make the form submissions send to a website and all the submissions can show there.

You can integrate with Netlify forms with Zapier (docs) or you could use the submission-created function trigger to store the submissions in a database. These could then get loaded on another webpage by using a function to retrieve them.

Is this what you are thinking of?

Acctually, I already use Zapier to send our team a text message when a new form is received.
What app would I use to store the submissions in a database?

I am on the action step now:

Hi, I believe what @coelmay suggested is not possible using Zapier or some kind of an app. What they’re suggesting is, you use Netlify Functions’ submission-created event and store the data in a headless database like FaunaDB or Firebase Real Time Database, MongoDB or any other if you prefer.

Here’s the documentation that might help: Trigger serverless functions on events | Netlify Docs

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Ok, so MongoDB is on Zapier, the only action available to me is Create a document:

How would I let the forms update on the document and I could probably embed the document into a page in netlify using the “identity” function.

Am I correct in saying this?
Also, how could I do this?

Thanks @hrishikesh. I wasn’t 100% sure with the Zaps.

Perhaps sending to Algolia is another option? This would then provide a ready solution for searching a retrieving submissions.

(Currently playing with Algolia with a couple of projects.)

@coelmay, I’m not sure how Algolia would help. The last time I used it a few years back it didn’t have any database-like features for the end user? I might be wrong.

However, coming back to @Rakhi_Boxes’ question, I think you’re doing it wrong. You’re probably trying to rely too much on Zapier even though it can’t handle all of your needs.

Don’t select a database platform just because it’s available on Zapier. Check their pricing, documentation, speed, reliability, and other things that you might need to integrate it with your website. Then, once you setup an account, create a database and familiarise yourself with their terminology. For example, what exactly is a document in MongoDB? It’s not a document that you could just embed in your web page. Thus, proceeding without familiarising yourself with all this would be a mistake.

Once you do all that, you’d have to write some code (probably JavaScript), to actually send data to the database and receive it and show it on your page. To do that, first you need to test it many times locally before you actually deploy and make sure it’s secure, in the sense that no one else can actually read/write your database.

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Ditto to this :arrow_double_up:

Algolia discussion can wait for another time/topic.

Thank you for that.
I am always looking for the free options.
If there a way of using a webhook maybe or something to upload it directly onto my site?

I will try this, and see if I have any luck.

Netlify needs your entire website to deploy. Thus, you can’t send individual files to your website. There might be some hacky way using Zapier (though I don’t use it, so haven’t tried). The workflow could be something like, you get a form submission, the zap gets triggered and sends the form data to your GitHub repo and commits it there. Netlify will then rebuild your website and depending on how your website’s code it setup, you could show that data on your website.

Most of the databases I mentioned above are free to a certain extent and depending on your needs, might be enough.

Thank you. I will try this. If not, a database seems way too complicated for me. If I do find a way, I will let you guys know here.