Login API and callback URL questions

I am testing SNS login using Apple login API. Apple is not able to test in the local environment, so it is conducting the test using a free domain.

The site uses the https://www.appplelogintest.ga/ domain.

And the callback url you specify when you log in to Apple is https://www.appplelogintest.ga/callback/apple.

There is no problem with just accessing two domains, but 404 error pages are missing when moving url through login api.

I received the dist folder above and tried the index.html file, but it existed.

Can you help me with the reason why I can’t?

GitHub - applelogintest/test my github address

I haven’t found a solution yet. But I think we’ve figured out the cause.

I think…
In netliffe, you can only render static pages.
The apple API cannot find the page because it sends a request to POST.

i think that you might be right about that. sorry, wish i had better news for you!