Lighthouse plugin reports for pages that require login to my app?

I have been using netlify for a while now. I just set up the Netlify Lighthouse plugin. How do I handle generating reports on pages that require a username and password to access the page? eg I could have it run a report on /login but I’d like it the run a report on routes inside of the app, which are only accessible after login.

My Netlify site name is edmit-app-staging and is hosted on (feel free to make a test account)

Thank you in advance for any help or resources!

Greetings :wave:t2:

I don’t think that’s possible from the build plugin right now :confused: but it is open for PR’s if you wanted to build out a mechanism for passing in an auth header or pulling credentials from ENV vars or something :+1:t2:

Wish I had better news :confused:


Ok thank you! I’ll post a feature request in the repo for the plugin