LFS file is not downloaded from server


I am using GitLab LFS for my website, it seems that the actual blobs are not downloaded during build, my site is built and published and I see the files with the hashes inside, not the actual files.

I have set the environment variable GIT_LFS_ENABLED=true, but still not working.

My website is: https://relaxed-kirch-68b200.netlify.com

Appreciate your help.

Hi, @eashi, the issue in this case is that the LFS tracked files have file extensions not listed here:

There is a solution for this. Please add a new environment variable similar to the one below:

GIT_LFS_FETCH_INCLUDE = *.jpg,*.png,*.svg,*.gif,*.pdf,*.mp4,*.mp3,*.zip

This is adding the two file extensions which I believe are affected (*.mp3 and *.zip) to the list of files that get the actual contents downloaded.

If there are other file extensions which are stored in Git LFS in the future, please add them to that environment variable also.You might consider adding them to this environment variable now as having unused extensions won’t cause any issues and it would not need to be changed if/when those files were added to LFS in the future.

Please reply if there are other questions and/or if this solution doesn’t resolve the issue.

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