Letencrypt certificate not generated for apparently valid external domain

Provisioning a LetsEncrypt certificate for site “red-roof” is taking more than 24 hours.

The DNS record is managed by Digital Ocean’s DNS servers.

The Netlify UI suggests that ‘DNS verification was successful’, but has been ’ Waiting on DNS propagation’ for more than a day now.

Might there be any quick answer for why this feature is not working as expected?


Hello @rick, I don’t see a custom domain configured for the site you mentioned. Perhaps the issue you ran into is a matter DNS propagation. I recommend reading [Support Guide] How do I migrate a domain to Netlify DNS with zero downtime? to see how to avoid running into that issue in the future.

Appreciate the response. I’ve moved to another service for this project, but I’m definitely impressed by Netlify. Thanks for the help.

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