Large site upload timing out?

I found this thread: Issue deploying a large Eleventy site

In it, its mentioned that large sites may have an issue uploading, with the 5 minute upload-timer timing out. I think I’m running into that issue. My site generates 49k pages. My repo is

Is it possible to get my upload-timeout increased? I’m seeing the following issue:

11:25:49 AM: failed during stage 'deploying site': Failed to execute deploy: Error: deploy timed out while waiting to enter states: prepared,ready
11:25:49 AM: Finished processing build request in 11m28.903562437s


i saw that you are dealing with exactly the same issue as on that other thread. I will see if we can pull a lever to help.

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Hi Perry! Any luck?


Just got that timeout tripled for you. Let me know if uploading doesn’t work better now, please!

Awesome. That worked. Thanks!