Large media won't push using Github Desktop

I tried using Github Desktop and Fork apps when pushing git lfs to Netlify’s Large media and both applications hang and won’t push the assets. The only git app I have found to work is git Tower app. Of course command line works as well.

Any idea why some apps with hang and won’t push to Large Media, while command line or Tower will? All apps seem to support LFS.

We are not saving these assets on GitHub - so I wouldn’t expect GitHub Desktop to necessarily do the right thing unless it is repo-host-agnostic? Not sure, that’s a pretty wild guess since I don’t use that app and can’t see inside of it :slight_smile:

If you can figure out what they’re doing when they hang, we’ll be happy to take a look, but it would need to be the equivalent of "running git command x yz" since we don’t provide specific support for 3rd party apps like that and will only be able to really address the commands being run rather than the app that might be running them (or failing to run them) for you :slight_smile: