Jekyll builds locally but jekylll converter errors on frontmatter in scss in Netlify

  • site name is
  • build log: Netlify App

I seem to be having trouble building my Jekyll site in Netlify. Works fine locally and sometimes it works on Netlify, other times it does not.

Seemingly if I update bundle dependencies it will work once and then not work again after that.

The build error I am receiving: Error: String can't be coerced into Integer /opt/build/cache/bundle/ruby/2.7.0/gems/sass-3.7.4/lib/sass/script/value/number.rb:409:in '-': String can't be coerced into Integer (TypeError)
Seems to indicate Jekyll is erring because of the frontmatter at the scss entrypoint but this is how Jekyll knows where to compile scss so not sure why that would be.

Ive attached a screenshot of my build settings.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

hey there, are you still experiencing problems?

if yes, are you using the most recent versions of your dependencies?

It seems to no longer be an issue since I locked the ruby version. Still not sure I understand the root cause.

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