Jekyll Build Issues on Netlify but not local or Github Pages

I am having trouble building my Jekyll site on Netlify. It works great for local builds and github pages so I am confused why I am having trouble here. Thank you for the help!

Can you post the (failing) build logs and possibly a GitHub repository?

The problem is it is not failing it just is not building properly. I do not have a failed build log, just a successful one. I have tried a couple of different things with no luck. Please see additional details below.

It works on Github Pages:

It does not with Netlify (it just show the index.html word for word and does not call the layout):

Here is the repo:

Successful build log:image

Thank you for all the help!

Hey @ajberlier :wave:t2:

Could you verify the build command for the site please? I don’t see a netlify.toml in your repo so I am assuming the build command is set from the UI?


Perhaps this is where is am missing something. These are my build settings on Netlify pictured below. If I can set it up with a netlify.toml file I would prefer that though so it is more explicit in my repo how to do things.

Thank you for all the help!

hi there, so, as per that screenshot, you are not actually telling our system to build anything as there is no build command listed.

What command do you use in your terminal window/ command line to build this locally?

bundle exec jekyll serve

For deployment would likely use: production bundle exec jekyll build

so you definitely need a build command on our services as well so we know what to do with those files.

Give this blog post a read through, i bet you’ll find it helpful to solve your problem :slight_smile:

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