Javascript redirection on page load, penalizing SEO

Every pages of our site appears after a javascript redirection (even when we reload the page). It is very bad for SEO and it is penalizing us…

On our dev environment (localhost) we don’t have any javascript redirection.
It looks like the issue comes from Netlify. Would you know what Netlify option could cause this ?

  • Netlify site name
  • Website :
  • Build in : Gatsby / ReactJS

PS: We did a _redirect document to redirect to (for obvious SEO reasons). Can it come from there? Or the pre-rendering beta option ? (I deactivate it 10 minutes ago but no change).

Thank you

Hi @Rheaparks and sorry to hear about the trouble!

I’m not seeing any client-side refresh when I load the page - if you are still seeing it, could you gather (and share in this thread) a HAR file of the event for us so we can best investigate and advise? Here’s how: