Jamstack Community Survey Results

Hello Folks :wave:

It is that time of year again — the 2022 Jamstack Community Survey results are live! :rocket:

We’ve had over 16,000 responses across the web developer community across the three years. Thank you to all of you that participated in taking the survey. We hope you can learn more from one another by understanding the takeaways about the community. :netlisparkles:

So what did the survey tell us? This year, you’ll see serverless is going mainstream, with 70% of developers going serverless this year. You can learn more about the trends in remote work, Web3, top framework choices, the CMS space, and more. :netliconfetti:

Where can you learn more? :computer:

  1. Here is the full data from the survey.
  2. Check out the blog post for top takeaways.
  3. Here’s a press release summarizing the results.
  4. You can join us at Jamstack Conf on November 7-8! Data analyst Laurie Voss will be providing a deep dive into the results on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Have questions? Feedback? Let us know in the thread below :arrow_heading_down:

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