Its been more than 48 hours and I still seeing "Awaiting Netlify DNS"

48 hour ago I bought a domain througth Netlify, the domain is [pandabyte . net]. Everything seemed to work fine the first couple of hours, I stopped using and started using I also did two things, first I added some DNS records in order to make my site work with some email forwarding services and then I sent the link to some friends to try my website out. It appears they cannot enter the website and are being greeted with the “dns_probe_finished_nxdomain” error.
Going into the “Domains” section of my site, I see “Awaiting Netlify DNS” on but I remember that there was a time that it was not like that not there. The other one ( is marked as “:white_check_mark: Netlify DNS”.

Another thing I noticed, and I think it’s quite strange, it’s that works on my PC but when another person uses their PC on their network then it dosen’t work.

I’m sorry if this it’s not so netlify-related but I’m trying to at least be sure that I didn’t do nothing wrong and all I have to do is wait.

Please share how you’ve configured your DNS.