Issues with transferring a site from

Issue with
The domain has been bought from The website dimitriscarwash was hosted on namecheap for the first year. Now I want to transfer it to Netlify. I added the nameservers, provided by netlify on namecheap, and they confirmed that everything is OK at their end. But 2 weeks later the website still show : “Website can not be reachead.” And on netlify page I see only this:

What to do, to make the website alive and hosted on Netlify?

I would try removing the custom domain from the site.
Ensure it is configured in Netlify DNS as per documenation: Delegate your domain to Netlify | Netlify Docs
Then re-add the custom domain to the site. It should show “Netlify DNS” where currently “Awaiting External DNS” is shown.

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Hi, @jasiqli. It appears you got this working. If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

Did you mean to mention @dimovmv (OP) and not me @luke?

Hi, @jasiqli. Yes, I should have been @mentioning @dimovmv.

Thank you! What I did: I deleted the website from Netlify and after that publish it again. Followed the steps to add domain and to add nameservers to namecheap and that was everything. In less than 5 minutes everything start working perfectly. Thank you everyone for the help!

Hi @dimovmv thanks for sharing your solution. This is very helpful to the community.