Issues with CDN for images?

I just added some images to a repo and successfully deployed to Netlify. The weird thing is some are online when using Safari but Chrome is returning a 404. For example:


Is there an issue with the CDN?

Now the image is not loading at all in Safari.

What’s going on?

I know the images are there because this one is present:


And this one which is in a subfolder:


The whole static folder, which contains the images, gets rsync’d during build.

Update: I have added __ to the urls above because the post keeps getting automatically edited

I added a workflow step that does tree of static folder:

      - name: Run tree (dist_dir/site/static)
        run: |
          tree -ap $dist_dir/site/static

Redeployed and this image is present in Safari:


And it’s also loading in chrome currently:

But none of the others are. For example:


The files are definitely there:

What’s happening?

I let this be for most of the day. The images are all loading now:

There was a period for around 2 hours earlier where the deploy was completing but the images weren’t on the CDN.