Issue with role-based folder access using Identity

I’m trying to set up role-based folder access using Netlify Identity by following the guide Role-based access control with JWT. I’m on the Starter plan.

My _redirects file looks like this:

/posts-gated/* 200! Role=subscriber
/posts-gated/* /login 302

However, the redirects are not working entirely as expected, for example:

Can anyone advise?


EDIT: Ok, noticed that is working as expected but not when you add a trailing slash:

EDIT 2: When I click on the link with the trailing slash in my previous edit, it works as expected. However, if I paste the URL directly in the browser the content is visible when logged out.

EDIT 3: There seems to be inconsistency. If I repeatedly paste in the Safari address bar and press Enter, it sometimes incorrectly lets me access the content and other times not. Other browsers behaving as per original description.

Just to follow up here. I suggested trying the following:

/posts-gated/* 200! Role=subscriber
/posts-gated/* /login 401! 

This should fix the fallback rule.