Issue with menu load on Gatsby website

When I access the website in my browser, every time it loads, it goes back for 2 seconds, showing the menu vertically as links before it loads properly. I made a screen recording to show you, but can not attach it here. Please help to fix this, as it’s not normal. I tried different browsers and my phone and it’s the same everywhere and all the time and on all pages :frowning:

hi @katriendebrier, does this issue happen locally?

Thanks for your reply. I’m not a developer and can’t check it locally. I tried with help from a friend, but it’s not working to get Gatsby installed, so I can’t check.
Thanks in advance for the help.

hi @katriendebrier - how are you deploying your site to netlify? Can you share a link to the live site where this issue is occurring? if we can take a look we might be able to make some suggestions!

Hi, thanks for the reply !
I did not get the notification that my question was answered :frowning_face:
See here the ‘live’ site: It’s at the beginning when the page loads, it flashes back
The site is deployed through Github.

THANKS in advance !

hmm, i do see a page flash happening when the site loads.

your developer console shows this:

do you also see this error when you run the site locally?

Thanks very much Perry.
This might help, I’m checking with a developer to get it fixed.
Thanks so much !