Loading(Static Query) on GatsbyJS build

Hello Support people!

I’m having issues with a GatsbyJS build in Netlify, getting a Loading(StaticQuery) whitescreen aftert the site loads. It happens only in Netlify, develop and build locally works as expected.

Netlify project: https://nutripd.netlify.app/

Any help will be much appreciated.

Hi there, @Annertech :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! Everything is working on my end and I am not getting a white screen. Here is a screenshot of what I see when I follow the link you included in your post:

Are you still encountering this issue on your end, or have you resolved it?


The issue is still present randomly between deploys.

Where do you see the error? In build logs, client-side JS, or somewhere else?

Could you share a repo?

I decided to rebuild the site in a new repo - working now.

Thanks anyways