Issue clearing an old cache file after a domain change


We have an issue with an old cache file that hasn’t been updated after changing our site, stopping returning users to access our website. This issue came after changing our front-end site from to, and changing our domain ( to be set to this new site.
The cache file in the “cache storage” from the browser hasn’t been updated after this change. We tried several ways to clear the cache for all users using service worker, but the new code deployed isn’t reached, the browser is always returning the old cache file.
We tried “Clear cache and deploy site” through the Netlify Deploy page but this didn’t work neither.

Would you have a way to clear the old cache file for all our users?

Thank you in advance for your help!

hi there, can you share some more information if you are still dealing with this issue? can we see some screenshots of your dev tools network panel, and maybe a HAR file to see what is happening here?

Hi @perry thanks for the help. This is the information I could gather.

Network panel:

We tried to delete the cache file sw-precache-v3-sw-precache-webpack-plugin- but we never reaced the script.
If we manually do it, the site works fine but we need all our previous users to have that automatically done. (I’ll post an image of what I’m talking about in another post that I’m only allowed to embed one media file)

Har files are not allowed in this code editor, let me know if you think you’ll need it and we’ll figure out a way to share it too.

This is the error we are getting in the console:

The cached file that we need to delete:

That cache is added by a service worker and Netlify can no control over it. You can read more here: