Netlify cache not clearing client-side, even after triggering cache deploy


I am aware that this may not be an issue with Netlify, but I wanted to make a post so that I can better understand for future reference and perhaps get a better solution going. I have a client website that we host on Netlify, and its domain is registered to GoDaddy. Everything works great, except that updated images aren’t updating on the live site unless I hard clear cache or visit in incognito. This issue has been going on for the past week, in Firefox.

I found a few similar posts already, and was able to fix the issue by unregistering service workers client-side. This will only work for my computer though, not the client’s. I’m confused why local cache has stayed for this long, and wondering if there is a good explanation + a better solution I can push to fix this issue.

Here are the links I looked at, for anyone else experiencing the same issue:

Thanks for sharing this with the community @vince1444

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Not solved, bumping for visibility

I’m curious have you tried to add a Cache-Control Meta Tag?