Is it possible to re-use branch deploys for Github's PR checks?

For a given site, you get the options for branch deploys and preview deploys.

If you have them both enabled, for every push on a branch that has a PR open you will get two deploys. In my case, we don’t use the preview deploy URLs at all, there are there just to prevent merging branches that don’t compile correctly, so that extra deploy is somewhat a waste.

Is there a way to disable the preview deploys entirely and simply use the result of the branch deploy for the checks on any PR for that given branch?

I’m struggling to find documentation on the matter, but his thread gives me some hints that’s not currently possible, but I would still love a confirmation: GitHub Checks for non preview deploys

Hi @stefanmaric,

At the moment github checks only work for PR’s. If you want to disable PR’s from building then you have this option in the UI of the deploy context settings already.