Internet Explorer 7 - Let's Encrypt

For reasons, I’m trying to get my site to work on Internet Explorer 7 (and other legacy browsers). When I attempt to go on my site using IE7 , I just get a generic page cannot be displayed error.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but it seems to be the case on a lot of websites. I think, that IE7 is not compatible with modern ssl certificates. So I’m trying to create a workaround so legacy browsers can still access my site.

Does anyone know…

  1. Is my guess right about SSL?
  2. How would you serve users of legacy browsers a fallback version of the website?

Sadly, I don’t even have Explorer 7 to test the behaviour. But, if you’re correct about the SSL being a problem, you can use a custom SSL certificate that supports IE7. However, since your website can use just 1 SSL certificate and if IE7 indeed needs a less secure one, it would make your website less secure on all other browsers too.

Thanks for the quick reply! Any idea if it’s possible to redirect based on the old browser to a subdomain with a different SSL — or maybe just a different domain entirely.

I wish I had a better answer, but no. While it’s possible to do such a redirect with client-side JavaScript, since your website won’t even load, that can’t be used.

There might be a slight change of this being possible using Edge Handlers, but that’s not openly available as far as I know.

You can wait for others to comment and confirm if the error you’re seeing is indeed because of SSL.