Internal Server Error on websites AND the SSO for this forum itself

The Netlify status page shows “degradation” but in reality we’re seeing Internal Server Error on our serving site (which is just HTML).

I also had 500 error trying to sign in to this forum itself. So it’s likely many more people are experiencing this issue but are unable to report.

I’d suggest at least changing the incident to “partial outage” or “major outage” on the status page.


Request ID: 01FXQFT6VYZBNB8BD68AR5XWSC for Netlify sites

We’re experiencing this too:
Internal Server Error - Request ID: 01FXQG9QH5Z0PHC6NQ0SCA83EV

Hey folks!

Thanks so much for reaching out. We have updated our status page to reflect the ongoing work and investigation we are doing. You can follow along here to stay up to date on the latest:

Additionally, I am going to close this thread so that we can streamline our support conversations. Please follow up in the thread linked below if you have further questions:

Thanks so much,