Internal Server Error on certain routes

Hi - we recently started getting an error on new deployments where, on certain routes, we get a blank screen with an “Internal Server Error” text.

This is a route that has this error, for example:

This is a route that works well as expected, for example: Creative Baking: The Complete Guide To Developing Your Own Original Dessert Recipes

It all works on localhost, so it seems to be something related to Netlify when the site loads or during build (although build seems to go through without errors).

We think we haven’t made any changes recently that could’ve caused this, so wondering if it’s an error other people are getting with Netlify or Next.js?

Any ideas on how to fix or what’s causing the error?

Hello, we are also facing the same issues, any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi Sachin - Curious, is your project using AWS Amplify? We had a similar problem earlier this year (I think it was the same blank screen with Internal Server Error) and it was something related to AWS Amplify and the fix was adding the following to the netlify.toml file:

  included_files = ["./node_modules/@aws-sdk/**/*"]

This time we already have this so not sure what may be causing it…

It’s basically this issue for @valentin7: All nextjs builds returning 500 error with TypeError: file.startsWith is not a function