Internal Server Error with Next.js 13.5.6


Because Next.js 14 is not yet supported, we are looking into upgrading to the last version of Next.js V13. The build runs properly. The build starts fine locally (i.e. running next build and next start works locally. However, the deploy previews give “Internal Server Error”.

We are currently on next 13.4.7 and trying to upgrade to next 13.5.6

This is the deploy details link: Netlify App

I couldn’t find any error logs in Netlify functions related to this.

Since you have found that Next.js 14 is not supported, I’m assuming you’ve referred to some other posts already. There are so many threads about these that I don’t believe opening new ones is adding anything new to that conversation.

Your issue is basically: [Bug]: `Error: Cannot find module 'next/dist/server/future/route-modules/pages/vendored/contexts/amp-context'` in NextJS preview mode · Issue #2329 · netlify/next-runtime · GitHub

I see the errors here:

Thanks, for my understanding, how did you see those logs? I was looking at function logs on Netlify and nothing was showing up.

I changed the time period from real time to past day or so and they appeared.