Internal Error 500 Next.js React

Hi all,

I’m trying to deploy this page (GitHub - albertov19/xc20Asset-dashboard: Dashboard for Mintable XC-20s on Moonbeam-based Networks) but I’m the page returns Internal Error 500.

I tried the exact same setup in Vercel and it is working, so not sure what could be wrong.


Any help is appreciated it. Thanks!!

Hey Alberto,

We rolled out a fix for our nextjs-runtime just about an hour ago. Could you try rebuilding your site and see if the error persists in the newer deploy?

Hi! Thanks for your quick reply.

I trigger a new deploy (clearing cache) and I still get the same error :frowning:

Any clues?

Appreciate your time


You seem to be using Next v11: Netlify App

Could you try using version 12?

Hey, thanks for you answer!

I tried already, but unfortunately it is still failing on Netlify but working with Vercel.

Let me know if there is anything else I need to try on my end. Thanks for taking the time

:wave: @albertov19 , it looks like the site is no longer accessible, did you delete the site?

Hi Audrey,

Sorry I added more features to it but forgot to update the URL. The new one is :

Still not working on Netlify,


Hey there, @albertov19 :wave:

Thanks for your patience here. Can you manually upgrade to version 4.29.1 of next-runtime? You can read more information following this link to the repo readme.

It seems that with this last thing @hillary it is working now.

But why is this needed? I have other sites with no issues and a very similar setup.

Thanks for taking the time!

hi @albertov19

We had to implement a fix for our runtime and delivered it on that particular version. It should be fixed now and working on versions above that one.

Hope this helps!