Incremental builds using the API


I want to know if there is a way to do incremental build using your API site deploy. I know you’ve made incremental builds available for Gatsby.

Thankyou in advance.

Hiya, welcome back to our forums! :wave:t6: Can you provide more details and/or rephrase what you mean?

I want to utilize incremental builds. Therefore, I want to be able to publish individual pages on a site, without having to rebuild the whole site. I know that this is possible with gatsby, but I am using vue, so I can’t use that. I was wondering if your API helps with that? Or if there are other ways of using the incremental builds.
Here is the gatsby feature:

Incremental Builds is a feature specific to Gatsby. That’s not something Netlify has added to that framework. We merely added support for a feature that existed in the Gatsby framework. Vue has no such feature, thus the question doesn’t apply for that.