Incredibly slow image loading times

My netlify username in oward98, and the app concerned is this one:

The problem I’m having is that image loading times are often absurdly slow. Upwards of ten seconds for 100-200KB images. The response times are so slow that which image is displayed often gets out of sync with what’s actually on the rest of the page.

On other servers the load times are essentially instant.

What’s the issue here?

Hey @oward98,
This looks like a DNS configuration issue to me- you’re configured to use Netlify DNS hosting, but you’re not actually using it… and you have an A record from your true DNS host pointing to, which is our load balancer on the US West coast. With this setup, requests from the UK that have to travel all that way will in fact be super slow!

I’d suggest changing the A record to be a CNAME pointing to your Netlify URL,, and then delete the Netlify DNS (which you’re not using) here:

These are the docs you need:

Let us know if that makes things work better or if we can help further!