Increasing our timeout to 30sec from 10 sec


Would it be possible to increase our timeout to 30 seconds? We reached the point where our one-pager is taking more than 10 sec to load. We are aware that it is not a good practice, and should be optimized, but we are using it for some internal stuff and currently have no time to dedicate to optimization. It’s low priority.

Our Netlify domain:

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@tech4remazing If you have a Pro plan Netlify can bump the synchronous functions execution limit to a maximum of 26 seconds:

Hiya, @tech4remazing thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately the max function time is 26s. I have bumped you up to the max can you please re-deploy to see this take effect?

Hey @SamO, @nathanmartin Thank you very much! That will do also.

I will redeploy now.

Thanks again!